First release of RPG is here

Yo, it is Nagi here. I hope there still people out there visiting this site considering we are sort of inactive for awhile. Anyway, I am here to announce that EKMX will be releasing our first own made RPG by June. this is confirm by our game designer.  It will be a 2D game and will be a basis for us to try to input our story presenting as a game. Look forward to it.

New animes added!

Due to the hard work of Nagi and Ken,we have added new animes!HOORAY! They are True Tears and Air and Others! We will work harder to give you better quality service!Thank you!

New Year 2010!

Finally the start of a new year!This year is the year of the Tiger!Wish Everyone a Happy New Year!A New Year,new features to our web!

A Wonderful Post Christmas Gift For Us

This Christmas we received an unexpected Christmas gift. 4 people have join us. This feels great. This mean there are people who visit our site as well as people impressed by our works. There is no other gifts better than this for us.

Christmas Special

Finally EKMX is back! This time we have a theme and this round's theme is Christmas!New features added thanks to our helpful web prof,Nagi who managed to create the anime list for our web.In addition,our banner have changed to suit Christmas!However,the new features are still under construction and the karaoke zone will only be up next week.Thanks for staying with us this Christmas!

An update

Yo. Nagi here. We have been adding new thing as well as some changes. This time, we have post another recommended anime/manga. It is the famous D grayman. I sure most of you, if not all, heard of it and  read it. Read and comment at the blog or the comment page.  And to visitors, please do not just view and go( not that I can help it) but at least do the poll or give us a feedback. Just to make sure we are not doing anything that we are not showing to anyone. Thanks

We are EKMX

Hi. Thanks for visiting this site.
           I am Nagi, one of the members of EKMX.We are Singaporeans who are studying in Polytechnic while drawing manga.We arent good yet but I promise you will see drastic changes soon...Also we have found a web that helps out self publish our manga so we stand to gain from it.
           Our Motto is "Create to Draw,Draw for Experience"

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