20 Days Left,Lets Eat Ramen

Love is what binds two person together eternally...but is there such thing as eternal love?Jowy was a ramen chef's assistant.His life was particularly normal until 14 Feb where he first met Chole.That day,he happenend to have a dispute with Chole which they decide to settle it with a ramen eating contest."Bring it on!"

Very soon,the contest was over...it ended up as a draw."You are pretty good I acknowledge you!" Chole shouted.Chole was the type of girl that would never acknowledge any man so Jowy was the first much to the dismay of Chole's fans."Hey!Lets meet up 20 days later and challenge again.This time if you win,I will be your girlfriend!"Chole smiled cheerfully running away.

20 days had passed and it was finally time for the ramen eating contest again.However this time,Chole did not turn up.Jowy wandered why so he waited for her the whole day but she still did not show up.On the 21th day,Jowy received a message from Chole.It read:

"Jowy,by the time you see this message,I can no longer eat ramen with you...I know i have lose to you by default,but i am not fit to become your girlfriend because...Goodbye Forever Jowy"

Jowy was shocked when he saw this message.Tears of regret started rolling down and memories of Chole started engulfing him.He could not say anything.That night he cried.He had found out the truth about Chole.She had a terminal illness and had to go to America for treatment.The chances of success was 0.000012 percent.

From that day onwards,Jowy kept eating ramen as if it was his favourite food.He kept believing that she would honour their promise to eat ramen together.However no matter how long he waited,she never return...not until 3 years later on 14 Feb

Jowy was still eating ramen at that day where suddenly the ramen chef gave him a letter.Jowy wondered who was it from as he has no friends in that area.The letter read"I am in love with you,will you go out with me?"Jowy stared at the letter and look at the ramen chef with a white face."Whats wrong?"The ramen chef asked to find out that the letter he gave was the wrong one.

"Shit!Wrong letter!Why are you looking me like that!I am not gay!Geez!That was for the woman I like...This is the one that should be yours!"Jowy took the correct letter and started looking at it.It read:

"Jowy,3 years have passed and by the time you read this...Lets Eat Ramen Together Again..."

Jowy was surprised when suddenly a shadow figure was behind him.He turned around and smiled....